Volume 7, Issue 3, December 2014


Volume 7, Issue 3, December 2014

Guest Editors:

Dr. Laura Finley, Peace and Justice Studies Association
Dr. David Ragland, Peace and Justice Studies Association

Special Issue:

Courageous Peace:
Exploring Innovative, Diverse, and Inclusive Efforts in Peace, Social Justice and Conflict Studies



Laura Finley and David Ragland
pg. 3 – 5

In Keeping with the Teaching of Scripture”: Jimmy Carter, Religious Faith, and the Search for Peace in the Middle East
D. Jason Berggren
Pg. 6 – 24


Transforming Cultures, Growing Substantive Peace: Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis and a Green Peace
Christopher Hrynkow
Pg. 25 – 38


Target the 90 Percenters: Comedian Todd Glass’s Social Justice Crusade
Ruth Tallman
Pg. 39 – 45


Shifting Practices of Peace: What is the Current State of Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping?
Randy Janzen
Pg. 46 – 60


Talking to Cartels? The Catholic Church’s Response to Drug War Violence in Acapulco
Julie Ethan
Pg. 61 – 74


Dictatorship Declassified: Latin America’s “Archives of Terror” and the Labors of Memory
Betsy Konefal and Silvia R. Tandeciarz
Pg. 75 – 97


“Whose Peace Are We Talking About?” The Need for Critical Gender Analysis in Peace Education
Katherine Fobear
Pg. 98 – 114
Deliberative Dialogue in Support of Peace and Social Justice
Glenn Bowen
Pg. 115 – 127




Understanding Peace: A Comprehensive Introduction.
Reviewed by Richard Matthews
Pg. 128 – 131


Black Women in Leadership as Peacemakers.
Reviewed by Dannielle Davis and Cassandra Chaney
Pg. 132 – 134




Ghosts of Jeju
Reviewed by Regis Tremblay
Pg. 135 – 137