Annual Outstanding Peace Scholar-Activist Award

Annual Outstanding Peace Scholar-Activist Award

Founded by Sir Clyde Rivers and Anthony J. Nocella II in June 1, 2021 is an annual award give to Peace Scholar-Activists that participate in difficult dialogues on international, national, and local levels. The award is given once a year. The self nominations or nominations of others are both accepted.

Please submit 200 to 1000 word letter explaining how the nominee is deserving of this award and how the facilitate, organize, host, chair, or direct difficult social, cultural, religion, political, or economic dialogues for the hopes of peace.

Please submit letters to – TBA
The submissions are open from June 1 to August 1 of each year.
The award is given by Sir Clyde Rivers on the International Peace Day September 21.

The recipients must present at the annual Peace Studies Conference on their work.

The recipients hold to the following values:

1. Being respectful to all, even if they are hateful or evil.
2. To be critical and not dogmatic.
3. To be not only be nice, but caring.
4. To be humble and a mentor at all times for peace.
5. To be collaborative and not competitive.
6. To promote nonviolence, justice, inclusion, and equity.
7. To strive to liberation of all and self determination.
8. To work to end violence domestic and international.
9. To care for the Earth and all Earth’s creatures.
10. To value and promote accountability, healing, redemption, and social transformation.