PSJ-Volume-10-Issue-2-July 2017

Volume 10, Issue 2, July 2017

Word Doc: PSJ Volume 10, Issue 2 July, 2017

PDF: PSJ Volume 10, Issue 2, July, 2017

Guest Issue Editor:

Scott Hurley




Syrian Civil War: Can Stakeholder Objectives Align for Peace?
Peter Crowley p. 4

Collective Memory, Embodiment, and Religiosity: A Sociological Analysis of Stigmata
Charlotte A. Kunkel p. 17

Supporting Literacy and Peace Education with Youth: A Community Engagement Mentorship Study
Alexia Georgakpoulos, Cheryl Duckworth, Kristie Jo Redfering, Yehuda Silverman p. 24

12/12 New Delhi: Public Resistance to Public Sexual Violence
Jyoti Grewal p. 41

Okinawan Perspectives on the Formation of Japan’s Neo-Patriotism
Hiroshi Aoyagi p. 50




Three Short Position Pieces by a Former Combat Marine Who Both Prosecuted and Protested the Vietnam War
Bob Watson p. 62




I’d Rather Teach Peace: An Autoethnographic Account of the Nonviolent Communication and Peace Course
E. James Baesler p. 70




Woodpecker Dystopia
Virginia Gonsalves-Domond p. 75

Fear of Daughters Fear of Sons
Emma Cassabaum p. 76

Grave Weather
Emma Cassabaum p. 79

january (all poems are love poems)
ZB Hurst p. 81

jaime + sam
ZB Hurst p. 83