Volume 7, Issue 2, July 2014



Volume 7, Issue 2, July 2014

Guest Editors:
Dr. Victoria Fontan, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Duhok
Ahmad Moussa, Visiting Faculty, University of Duhok



External Preconditions for Civilian Peacekeeping
Bernardo Venturi
Pg. 3 – 10

African Indigenous System of Conflict Resolution: Reference to the Case of Rwanda and Somalia
Bamidele Oluwaseun
Pg. 11 – 28


Mediating the Dagbon Chieftancy Conflict: the eminent chief approach
Emmanuel Debrah, Isaac Owusu-Mensah, Ransford Gyampo
Pg. 29 – 41


Impunity In Transition: UN Peacekeeping, Transitional Realities and Feminist Considerations
Mayme Lefurgey
Pg. 42 – 58


Facilitators of Mathematics Education and Peacemakers: What Can We Learn from One Another to Support Our Goals?
Lynn D. Tarlow
Pg. 59 – 62


A Theoretical Approach on Why and How to “Unfuck” the World in Europe and North America
Maximilian Lakitsch
Pg. 63 – 76


Teaching Peace With Young Adult Fantasies and Dystopias: Nine Themes For Educators
Laura Finley
Pg. 77 – 95


Inner Lions: Definitions of Peace in Black Womens Memoirs- A Strength-based Model for Mental Health
Stephanie Y. Evans
Pg. 96 – 125