PSJ Volume 13 Issue 2 September 2020

Volume 13, Issue 2
September 2020


Guest Editors
Sarah Tomasello, Graduate Student, University of Edinburgh and Annie Bernatchez, Graduate Student, University of Ottawa, Canada


About Peace Studies Journal
P. 4

Submission Guidelines
P. 5-7

Editorial Team
Pp. 8-9

Localism and Peacebuilding Mechanisms in African Countries
Kazeem Oyedele Lamidi
Pp. 10-28

Infectious Disease Impacts on Conflicts: New Research Perspectives
Theò Bajon
Pp. 29-34

Nuclear War, Militarism, and the Possibility of Nonviolent Defence
Chris Brown
Pp. 35-41

Corruption with Human Face? Deciphering Nigeria’s Political Graft, Elite Social Responsibility and Amorphous Wealth Redistribution
Mike Opeyemi Omilusi
Pp. 42-63

Work, Opportunities and Reintegration of Women Inmates as Factors for Peacebuilding: A Qualitative Study in Three Mexican Prisons
Mauricio Meschoulam, Andrea Muhech, Tania Naanous, Sofia Quintanilla, Michelle Kawa, Jorge Ochoa, Ángel Valle, and Renata Aquilar
Pp. 64-97

On the Possibility of a Pacifist Utopia- and Why it Matters
Lamont Rogers
Pp. 98-104

Gender, Sexuality, and Violence Intervention: The Case for Sexual Minorities in Nigeria
Oluchi Gloria Ogbu
Pp. 105-115

Back to the Future: Learning from Herbert Hoover’s “Independent Internationalism” to Restrain US Security Policy in the Future
Ivan Eland
Pp. 116-132

Xenophobic Violence on African Nationals in South Africa: The Way Forward
Adebayo Tosin and Oluwatosin Ogunlana
Pp. 133-152

Conflict Sensitive Climate Change Adaptation in Conflict Affected Communities
Tal Septon
Pp. 153-166

“The Country is Completely Destroyed:” Toward a National Project of Recognition, Reparation and Reconciliation for the American War Against Iraq
Jared Keyel
Pp. 167-186

The Role of Pilgrimage for the Peace of Pilgrims: A Study in St. Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia
Belay Asmare
Pp. 187-199