PSJ-Volume-10-Issue-3-November 2017


Volume 10, Issue 3, July 2017

Word Doc: PSJ Volume 10, Issue 3 November, 2017

PDF: PSJ Volume 10, Issue 3, November, 2017


Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer


Creating a Collage of Many Peaces
By Maureen Flaherty, Ellen Sikorski, Nicholas Mckenzie, Jennifer Bell, Mary Anne Clarke, Eduardo Rodrigues da Costa, Alexandra Kuznetsova, Benjamin Maiangwa, Brett Mallon, Murlata Sani, Wei Zhou
p. 4

Peace Studies/Literary Studies: An Experiment in Teaching and Learning
By Janet Gray, Matthew Fuhrmeister, and Robyn Gold
p. 15

The Trilakṣaṇa (“Three Marks of Existence”) and Transformative Conflict Resolution
By Saul Tobias
p. 29

The Evolution Of The Christian Motif Of Satan: A Cautionary Tale As To Why Evil Cannot Be Defeated By Alan McGill
p. 46



Voices of Vietnam, in War and Peace: An Oral History Play
By Patrick Chura
p. 64



Bathroom Lessons
By Melanie R. Nilsson
p. 94


Workshop Summary: Peace Research and (De)Coloniality, Vienna, December 2016
By Philipp Lottholz
p. 105