About PSJ

The Peace Studies Journal, Founded in 2007 out of the initiative of the Central New York Peace Studies Consortium was established as an informal journal to publish the articles presented at the annual Peace Studies Conference, but in 2009 the Journal was developed into an international interdisciplinary free online peer-reviewed scholarly journal. The goal of the Journal is to promote critical scholarly work on the areas of  identities politics, peace, nonviolence, social movements, conflict, crisis, ethnicity, culture, education, alternatives to violence, inclusion, repression and control, punishment and retribution, globalization, economics, ecology, security, activism, and social justice.

The Peace Studies Journal is the premier journal in the field of peace studies. This international peer-reviewed open-access journal welcomes scholars, activists, and community leaders to submit. We hold to a caring, welcoming, and constructive process aiding in the publishing of your articles/review, rather than turning you away with delayed harsh and deconstructive review feedback. We encourage articles that interweave theory and practice and especially welcome articles on topics that have not yet been examined.